CareerPlace New Products: Business Profile

Employer business profile Let job seekers know more about you and turn them to fans and followers on social media

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8. Apr 2020
 CareerPlace New Products: Business Profile

With Careerplace business profile you can build a following by connecting your social media accounts to your business page on CareerPlace. Let job seeker possibly know your company at a glance. We CareerPlace business page you can turn job seekers to social media followers and customers. Below are things you can do with CareerPlace business profile 

  • Create a beautiful detail description of your companies with company logo and background image
  • List features your company provides that differentiate you from your competitions
  • Show job seekers business hours List your contractual type
  • Add your social media accounts to your page
  • Make it easier for job seekers to communicate with you directly
  • Make job seekers have access to all job openings you have
  • Display your companies contact info and career link if you have one

Your CareerPlace business page is not just a recruiting page is a listing page that you can use to attract both job seekers and customers.